August 22, 2012

Augusta Rodeo-Montana

Photographing the Augusta Rodeo was such a blast.  We received special permission to sit on the ground along the fence so we could shoot.  We, at Rocky Mountain School of Photography, are lucky to have such great contacts at the rodeo!!  Thanks Augusta!!

World Jet Ski Finals 2011

My husband and I love to go and watch the WJSF in Lake Havasu City, AZ every year.  This is always a great time for me to work on my action photography.

August 21, 2012

This is my final project for Rocky Mountain School of Photography.  

               “Secret Keepers”

This series of images is a glimpse of the closeness between my twin sister and myself.

Growing up and to this day she is my best friend, soul sister, constant and confidante. Even though we live hundreds of miles apart, we
often get that twin feeling that we need to reach out to each other in that exact moment.

We are constantly saying things at the same time and we understand what each other is talking about when others are at a loss.

We are fraternal twins and we believe, “Fraternal Twins Rock.” She is my Secret Keeper.